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Manga Socoroma | Overview  | Application

Manga Socoroma SpA is the owner of 3 high grade Manganese mines covering an area of about 400 hectares. The The project properties lay in Tapaaca area in the northern most part of Chile. It is north of a small community known as Putre, Parinacota Province, Region XV, within the limit of the communes of Putre General Lagos. It is located in area known as a Gorge Allane, at an altitude of 4250 meters, bounded on the north by the municipality of General Lagos and to the east by snow covered volcano of Putre Tapaaca and west through the ravine of Chanoncagua.

The mine is located 180 km from Arica Port and 45 km from Putre. Arica is connected to Putre by the international highway Tambo Quemado between Chile and Bolivia. The final 45 km from Putre is travelled by local road through the town of Colonel Alcerreca. La Manga project covers the area of interest of 3 exploration mining concessions known as Socavón 1-10; Manga Premera 1-15 and Manga Del 1-20;

The picture shows the Google map for our site in detail. The redline runs nearby and inside our project is the Route 23, a public road maintained by the Ministry of Mines, Chile. They intend to develop this road to meet the needs of all the mining activities in this area. The same road connects to both the international freeway on side and on the other side it connects to the proposed railway line also, with a loading dock to be set up at a place called Alcerreca, which is 16 KM away from the La Manga Project Site.


Other salient features of LA Manga Project:

Open pit, minimum over burden, high quality Manganese Ore with easy access to freeway and port

Several reputed geologists have provided preliminary reserve estimates over 25 Million MT

JVX(Canada) has completed first 2 phases of geological exploration

Geophysics studies show excellent potential for high quantity and quality of Manganese

Detailed drilling campaign in Q1 2013

Pilot production of several thousand MT by January 2013

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