Socoroma Mines & Minerals
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Asia's fierce competition for commodities

Anthony Halley | April 4, 2013

Competition for natural resources among Asian nations continues to intensify, bringing the world's most resource-poor continent to a dangerous crossroads of dependence, geopolitical tension and environmental degradation, writes Professor Brahma Chellaney of the New Delhi-based Center for Policy Research in an article for Project Syndicate.



Kerry Hall | April 3, 2013

China's largest steelmaker, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, purchased a quarter ownership stake in an iron ore project in Canada's Labrador Trough, reports Platts this week.


US must reform mine permit process to grow domestic rare earth industry: study

Anthony Halley | April 3, 2013

A recent study by the US National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) calls on US legislators to streamline mine permit processes and safety regulations in order to bolster domestic rare earth production, which could add $40 billion to US GDP, 3,600 shovel-ready jobs, and could reduce US dependence on Chinese rare earth export


Socoroma Group

Socoroma Group is a Chilean entity that has mining concessions spanning over 60,000 hectares of land in northern Chile, with huge potential in the mining, energy and port sectors. We hold advanced explorations and exploitation rights in our large holdings of copper and manganese mines. In addition to minerals, we have maritime claims to a deep water port with the capability to become the largest port on the west coast of South America. Finally, the proximity of our land to volcanoes, desert and windy regions enable us to build large scale geothermal, solar and wind power projects.

Portfolio Companies:

Arica Copper SpA

This entity’s mining concessions cover approximately 40,000 hectares of land, with more than 130 mining concessions, along the shoreline about 30 miles south of Arica city, next to our port site known as Caleta Vitor. There are 11 identified copper mining sites in the northern half of the property spanning about 20,000 hectares. Several exploration campaigns conducted at some of these mines have identified large quantities of high grade copper ore. We are in the process of starting a systematic, detailed exploration campaign to identify the full extent of the reserves of this project. Also, since the land is in a desert area adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, it offers an ideal opportunity for GW scale wind and solar energy projects.

Manga Socoroma SpA

This entity has 400 hectares of mining concessions in the Putre area, about 180 KM from Arica. The 3 properties in this entity contain an estimated 25+ million Metric Tonnes(MT) of high grade Manganese ore. We have started an intensive exploration campaign in July 2012, and expect to complete the study by Q2 2013. Our pilot production at this mine should be ready by January 2013.

Socoroma Mines and Minerals Limitada

This entity holds over 25,000 hectares including mining assets, maritime claim to create and operate a mega port, and potential for energy projects. The maritime claim provides access to a deep-water port located 12 nautical miles from the city of Arica, near a village called Caleta Vitor. The pre-feasibility report for the project estimates a maximum annual capacity to transport about 40 million MT. The other mining assets include more than 17,000 hectares of magnetite, sulfur, copper and manganese. Another 8000 hectares of land adjacent to a volcano near the Bolivian border is an excellent location for a geo-thermal energy project.