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Arica Copper

Arica Copper is the owner of more than 130 mining concessions extending over an area of 40,000 hectares in the Pampa Camarones area in region XV of Chile. This area is 65 KM away from Arica port,, right on highway I-5, in the northern most city of Chile. It is a newly found area to have sizable copper reserves. ENAMI, The Chilean National Mining Company has set up a procurement center to buy from small miners in that area.

Arica Copper is in same region with similar geo graphical formation like that of Salamanqueja

The copper is present right on the surface of the 2200 feet high mountainous area and run deep up to 2 to 3 hundred meters.

We have identified 11 sites with noticeable copper presence in the northern half covering 20,000 hectares. Small-scale production has been undertaken at some of the mining sites, proving the viability of the project.  Around 2008, ENAMI conducted several exploration and drilling campaigns in few of our mining sites and concluded that our mines have a large quantity of measured and potential reserves.

Geological mapping, sampling and drilling on just few of the mines have estimated reserves over 20 million MT. We conservatively calculate the entire project to contain reserves many times this estimate. We intend to start the intensive geological exploration campaign for the rest of the areas within next few months.

Due to its 100 times larger size than that of Salamanqueja, and based on proven reserve results in part of explored areas by ENAMI we feel that Arica Copper has same geographical and geological attributes like that of Michilla mine of Antofagasta Group. Like Michilla, Arica Copper also has both sulphide and Oxide deposits in sizable quantity. Also our intended process would be same as that ofMichilla. We also plan to get the ore crushed and heap leached, and transport the resulting solution containing the dissolved copper to the SX-EW plant where it can be treated in a single continuous process using seawater in the system. This process using such new techniques using the seawater can significantly reduce the costs in a desert region where fresh water is a scarce and expensive resource.

Our project is located at an average altitude of 2200 feet right next to the ocean and has gigawatts worth of wind energy potential. Besides, an electrical grid runs alongside the property, allowing us to tap into an easy source of power.

We also have a maritime concession at Caleta Vitor, right next to the mine area to build and operate a deep-water mega port, which can handle an annual volume of 40 Million MT and service up to 300,000 MT vessels.

Owing to the concentration of copper ore, easy access to the ore from the surface, cheap source of water and power, proximity to roads and port, and lack of environmental challenges, we truly believe this is a dream setup for a copper project.


Copper Source:  is man’s oldest metal, dating back more than 10,000 years. Copper is one of the oldest metals known to civilization. Its uses and contributions continue to grow.

It is a vital and positive contributor to humankind and has improved our quality of life for centuries.

One of the reasons copper is so important is that it can be made into alloys. That means it can be combined with other metals to make new alloys, like brass and bronze. These are harder, stronger and more corrosion resistant than pure copper.
It is also an excellent conductor of electricity and heat; it is strong, ductile and easily joined by soldering or brazing; and it is hygienic, easy to alloy and resists corrosion.

It is an internationally traded commodity, and its price is effectively determined by the major metals exchanges— the London Metal Exchange (LME), the New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX) and the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE). Prices on these exchanges generally reflect the worldwide balance of copper supply and demand, but from time to time, they are also influenced significantly by investment flows and currency exchange rates.

Copper prices are near all time highs. High grade copper producers are experiencing record profits. Despite recent higher prices, substitution of competing materials has been modest because it is difficult to duplicate copper’s unique characteristics.

Worldwide production of copper exceeds 15 million tonnes of cathodes. More than one-third of this production comes out of Chile.

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